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Every Sunday starting at 6 PM Central time i will be hosting a d and d game for anyone interested. If you want in than feel free to post below letting me know your in. Game length will be at least a couple hours but can go longer if everyone is willing, we will try to stick to the every sunday night thing because that time tends to be easy for most people but if theres enough demand I might change the time/date to be more acomadating but for now it will be sunday 6 central.

Either way the system will be pathfinder with some homebrew tossed in. I like pathfinder as its pretty easy to get into but deep once your in.

Plot and story of the game will be announced later if this is shown interest. Game will be hosted on a discord server (for voice) and roll d20 for the actual game. If you dont have either one than you should make an account in time for the first session.

Game will start everyone at level one and will be story orientated and not heavily focused on combat, but certainly not light on fighting. Roleplay expereince is apreciated but all that is required is some patience and willingness to learn. (and prefferably a mic as keeping up with the story with typing is fucking hard.)

The story will be anthro pony and will be totally not nsfw at all. Cupcakes and rainbows all round. (Click the disco link already and join the conversation)

Questions? Feel free to ask below but preferably in discord.

Oh yeah and group size will be 4-5 but dont worry if you dont get in right away as we might add more players later (So feel free to drop an application here even if its stated as full) plus i might run a one off every few weeks for larger groups.

https://discord.gg/sXqE97Y<-disco link

Oh and a little info on myself, ive been dming for just shy of 8 years and i have been playing table top for about a decade.

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