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All right, so I've got an ask blog over at http://www.askdoodlidoo.tumblr.com but I'm kind of low on questions. As in the only one I have is one I submitted myself so I would have something to draw a few days ago. I don't know if this is the place for this, but it is technically pony art and I'm sure that the other ponies are going to be showing up in the blog as time goes by who are in the show, which would make it more likely to be classified as fanart, I guess?


Anyways, what I need are questions. Lots of them. Or even just a few I guess. Whatever. I need questions because I have tons of answers and no questions to give them to. Help me adopt these answers to loving questions. We are like an answer orphanage and you are helping these big eyed children find a home that doesn't smell like stale coffee and wet nicotine.


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