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My anomalous drawings (CZK).


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Hi everybody. Here I will post my drawings. Here is the first drawing I drew it with both hands at the same time, so it's so crooked. I drew this drawing unconsciously.

I also drew the second drawing with both hands at the same time.

The first drawing seems very funny to me.



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The second one reminds me of the series of tanks I designed in the 7th grade.

In return for not putting up too much of a fuss for getting my flu shot, my mom would let me pick something out From the store. Usually it'd be a gallon of chocolate milk since we'd be at the grocery store pharmacy.

One year we went to Costco instead, and I found a Tank Encyclopedia with every original tank design in history going up to the year 2000 I think.

I was also into Star Wars the Clone Wars, and was intrigued by the tanks and armored vehicles used by the Republic, with their use of massive wheels, multiple sections and multitude of turrets.

Both of these influenced me to draw many tanks which are now tucked away somewhere deep in the confines of our spare bedroom/storage. Otherwise I would share them with you. :)

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I wanted to draw a wolf, but it doesn't look like a wolf. It looks like a dog. This is not what I wanted to draw. In my opinion, this drawing looks bad. I thought I could draw better.:scoota-sad:

I couldn't even draw the shadow correctly. The spruce tree looks disgusting.


"CZK" is now my signature.

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  • The title was changed to My anomalous drawings (CZK).
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