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Alright, here's one of those drawings that I completed. :PIPPIPHURRAY:



This was inspired by the awesome art Dash-Wang did for my story, I love the idea of Pipp the Poltergeist offering visitors to a haunted Canterlove Studios hugs. If you want to read the story, here's the link.


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Because I like to listen to people's feedback, I tried polishing Hitch's face on my last drawing more to try and make him look younger and more cute. 



You think it's better now? 

Edited by Misty Shadow
Made some more edits to the original drawing.
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Enjoy a sketch of everyone's favorite guy who needs to show up in TYT Season 2 already, Comet! :PIPPIPHURRAY:


MLP G5 Sketch: Comet

I still can not believe I had to draw him all over again after I accidently made a hole in my notebook with my eraser, ruining my original sketch of him, but who cares, it's Comet. I'll do whatever I have to for him. :nom:

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Time for some more Polterpipp! :PIPPIPHURRAY:



I think the hair could've turned out better, but putting it over the crown was deliberate, thinking it looked cool. Anyway, you'll be getting better art than this when a picture I've commissioned of her as a preview for her upcoming comic is done. :winking-izzy:

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