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need help teaching with arts

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I would recommend just trying out looking at references and with time it will get better. There really arent any shortcuts in learning as far as im aware so best way is always to try it out and then try again =) 

Looking someone elses work as a reference always helps you learn the basics and how the things work out =)

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Studying whatever artwork style you really like can help a lot. If you want to draw like the show, watch the show and take screenshots at moments when something stands out for you that you want to draw. Or if you want to draw like the comics, same thing. Then there's the 2017 movie. Or fanart (if you see a particular artist you like). You can blend all of these different styles together into your own once you start working on some drawings. 


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10 hours ago, Mortar said:

Don't know if your in the US, but if so, check out your local Community College/Jr. College for art classes.  Videos can only take you so far.

Umm i don't live at US i live at malaysia, and by the way i like to make ww2 and ww3 arts along with ponies in it. 

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1 hour ago, Mortar said:

Apocalyptic ponies, eh?  I'd be interested in seeing that.  Any posted?

Not yet, still not good drawing tanks, ships, and aircraft yet im going to need a lot of free time to draw something :/ also if you guys know downvote pony, that pony has some arts of her at Derpibooru. 

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