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I got banned from pony.town again...

RobloxPony YT

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Yesterday I got banned for telling somebody to search something scary. And today I got banned for misspelling "Bob" and accidentally typed "Boob." I got kicked again. I wasn't happy. Why doesn't Pony.town add a word that you can click that says "It was an accident" and then when you click it, it leads you to another website that allows you to tell it that it was an accident. And a note that says that they have to be honest. And to say continue. and then there is a Captcha. After the Captcha, and it leads you to your email that gives you a code to enter to the site. And if you don't have an email, Then you have to enter one and a password too. Please add this.

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Hi @RobloxPony YT. This section is for art requests, you should look to the staff of PonyTown if you want to file a dispute with them.


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