Possible Character Birthdays

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I'm trying to guess which date of birth would fit the characters of MLP:FIM


Twilight Sparkle: August 7 (Friendship Day)

Rainbow Dash: October 10(Health and Sports Day) or March 10 (RD's Speed is Mach 10 )

Fluttershy: April 22(Earth day) 

Applejack: September 26 (Johnny Appleseed Day)

Rarity: May 4 (Audrey Hepburn’s birthday) or Earlier September (Fashion Week)

Pinkie Pie: December 15 (Cupcake Day) or October 30th (Sweetest Day)

Spike: April 5th(April is the month of the Dragon, the 5th Zodiac)

Princess Cadence: February 14 (Valentine’s Day)

Princess Flurry Heart: March 26 (Crystalling airdate)

Princess Celestia: June 21 (Summer Solstice)

Princess Luna: December 21 (Winter Solstice)

Sunset Shimmer: September 21 (Autumn Equinox)

Starlight Glimmer: March 21 (Spring Equinox)

Shining Armor: March 14 (White Day)

Sweetie Bell: May 5 (Children's Day)

Applebloom:  October 31st ( Candy Apple Day)

Scootaloo: May 19 (Scooter Day)

Discord: April 1st ( April Foal's Day)

Tirek: April 14 (Release date of Rescue from Midnight Castle) or November 22 (Sagittarius Zodiac Sign)

Queen Chrysalis: June 18-24 (National Insect Week)

Nurse Redheart: May 8 (Red-Cross Day) or May 12 (Nurse Day)

Octavia: August 8 or October 8(octa means eight in Latin)

Big Mac: January 24 (release date of the original Apple Mac)

Maud Pie: July 17 (World Emoji Day)

Trixie: March 14 (Houdini's Birthday) or October 31st(National magic Day)

Granny Smith: October 20th (Granny Smith Festival)


Mr. Cake and Mrs. Cake: November 26 (National Cake Day)

Coco Pommel: August 19 (Coco Chanel’s birthday)

Vinyl Scratch: January 20 (National DJ Day)

Derpy Hooves: July 11(Blueberry Muffin Day)


Lyra Heartstrings: March 17 (St.Patrick's Day)

Cheerilee: October 5th (International Teacher's Day)

Time Turner: April 18 (David Tennant's Birthday)

Colgate/Minuette: January 25 (William Colgate’s Birthday)

Daring Do/AK Yearling: June 12 (release date of Raiders of the Lost Ark) or July 31 (J.K Rowling’s Birthday)

Cheese Sandwich: October 23 or April 12

Joe: June 3 (Doughnut Day)



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The word "overthinking" comes to mind. :laugh:

Still, it sounds like you've put good thought into each birthday. :)

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Spike hatched during Twilight's entrance exam for Celestia's school

For various reasons, IMO the EQ school year runs from early August to early May.

Entrance exams are typically given between school years.

Secret of My Excess, Spike says that it's his first birthday since coming to Ponyville.

The CMC have a cameo (Spike tries to steal Scootaloo's scooter), so it is after August, year 1

This makes the episode either late May year 1, or early June, year 2 (assuming that the first 3 seasons are 1 year (mathematically possible))

Spike is a Taurus


S4 the episode Pinkie Pride, it's Dash's birthday

IMO, S4 is June 19,year 2 to mid October year 2

Based on personality, Dash is a Leo

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