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Oof, its been forever since I have been here. So much so that my old free shop is now archived. I'm back now, hopefully for good now lol, and as-always I really enjoy making nextgen characters. I just don't really enjoy hoarding all these characters just to have them gather dust.

I have a few little 'rules' I guess, but they're pretty simple.

  • The characters that are used as the parents must have a clear image; not necessarily a reference sheet, but an image with clear colours/a colour palette/whateevr
  • Please do not claim that you created the design/the art - Especially if I used a base, then you are taking credit for my design/edits and someone else's base.
  • This time I do not require any cannon ponies to be in the ship this time - but feel free to use them in the ship regardless.
  • I will do any kind of ship - m/m, f/f, nonpony/pony, canon ships, crackships, whatever really.
  • I will, under no circumstances, base anything off of offensive characters.
  • If you want, I'm also more than happy to use my own characters in breedings - Just link the character(s) you want to use of mine.

I will most likely be using bases for this, just to let it be known. I will always credit the base artist, and I ask you to do the same. :)

My deviantart is TheMonksWhiteCat, and my toyhou.se is Fonzie for any crediting needs. ^^

For those interested, here are some examples of ponies that I designed - not all are necessarily nextgens, but you get the idea.

dd375r3-87f72468-a67e-4b43-94a7-528d05d4Base is by wnho

lil_pone_adopt_by_themonkswhitecat_dclyoArt is own my own creation.

dce0ywt-e0c259c9-a375-45af-932e-dca8ffeaBased very roughly off of this base

dbuns1g-0daf4dc9-5aba-4d21-924f-75ffe632 Again, my own art.

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10 hours ago, Lucky Bolt said:

So you do OC next gens?

OC, actual show pony, idk care who is involved in the ship. If you want to use two OC's thats fine by me

On 4/27/2019 at 10:41 AM, Califorum said:

Can you do King Sombra x Nightmare Moon?

Yuppers. Thats going to be one dark and smokey pony lol.

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7 hours ago, Pangur Ban said:

OC, actual show pony, idk care who is involved in the ship. If you want to use two OC's thats fine by me

Ok awesome! I'd love to see your take on an AppleBolt next gen! (My ponysona "Lucky Bolt" x Applejack) 



Lucky has green eyes, btw. 

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