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Hello, I am JTP

Bright Honor

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Hi Everypony! This is JesstroidPrime. JTP is preferred. It is so nice to meet you all. See, I am a brony and well I want a place where I can freely talk about a show that I enjoy. The show is really good all around, from animation to voice acting, to everything. MLP is one of the best cartoons of our generation. I can't wait to share my love of Equestria with you all! P.S. I will soon post an awesome idea I have for the series that i think hasn't been thought of yet ;)


(HINT: it involves the Mane 6 and the Elements of Harmony..)


This will be fun!

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The Great Welcome Song!


Some quick notes(in case you did not know):


Posts in Welcoming Plaza and Cloudsdale Collosseum do not count toward post count.

You need 5 posts to get an avatar and a signature I believe.

If you want to get someone's attention use the Quote button on the bottom right of their post.


Other then that, Hope you have a great time here and Welcome again!

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