Spike's Taking Twilight's Place?

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Yeah, pretty misleading title, huh? :P No, he's not taking the lead Equestria spot, but I got the feeling he's representing her for the Mane 6, since she's busy leading Equestria, Spike's gotta take over as Head-Mane Six since he has more time on his claws (before his Ambassador job comes of course)!

Check out this interview with Jeremy Whitley:

"It is a stand alone story in its own right. It's about Twilight's first morning raising the sun all by herself, now that Celestia and Luna have left. It's about all of Twilight's friends working together to make sure everything is perfect. And, a bit of a mystery, because no one can find Twilight and the sun is supposed to be rising any moment. It mostly focuses on her old pal Spike who is trying to make sure everything goes off without a hitch."

"The big difference for me wasn't so much a difference in the character herself, but the level of responsibility. Twilight often got the tasks she got in the show because Celestia, as the ruler of the kingdom, needed to stay in Canterlot and run Equestria. That's no longer the case. That's Twilight's job now and, friends or not, Twilight can't constantly be running off into unknown danger. There's a line from another comic book that I can't seem to remember completely...but it's something like "increased aptitude in turn demands a proportionate increase in dependability" or something like that. Essentially, Twilight has to start depending on others to have the big adventures while she takes on the task of ruling Equestria."

So.... it takes the comics to finally give Spike his well-deserved spotlight, huh? ;) Makes me pretty hyped for the comics!


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It was a great interview, he brought a lot of interesting things up, hopefully the comics live up to the hype.

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Hopefully it also means the royal sisters can get to be more involved during big crisis stuff without worrying about their duties preventing them from helping.

Heck, it will be ironic if the issues that often plague the sisters during crisis stuff ends up affecting Twilight now due she is now ruler of Equestria.
Issues such as either not getting to be involved or just captured/defeated by something. Those issues.

Infact, did the interview mention anything for the sisters?


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