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movies/tv Who else in the fandom seen police procedural/action/crime tv shows such as "NCIS", "Blue Bloods", "SWAT (2017)", etc?


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I wonder if there are people in MLP fandom who like crime action/police procedural TV shows, such as Blue Bloods, NCIS, NCIS NOLANCIS LA, SWATCriminal MindsLaw and OrderLaw and Order: SVU, etc. 

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3 hours ago, raykv423 said:

Ooh, is that a fanfic or something? 

I don't know. I used it as an expression to imply a not for children show. My imagined series would be a grittier look at Equestria. Crime, Fillies of the Evening, that kind of thing.

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I watch Law and Order Criminal Intent. The one thing that I really like about that show is the psychological aspects, especially how the detectives literally get into the criminal(s)'s heads to get them to admit that they did the crime. I find that more entertaining that a gun shootout, although I do like my fair share of melee, especially martial arts...

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