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A question about art requests.


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Hello, I'm trying to make some My Little Pony video games. One thing games need is graphics. However, I can't draw for the most part, so I'm going to have to have other people draw for me.

I know that there is a requests forum for this type of stuff, but the site seems to encourage only big and major endeavors in there such as full size vectors and signatures. However, a lot of my art requests might be REALLY small. A good artist might be able to complete my requests in, like, 5 minutes, and I might have a LOT of such requests, and I'm afraid that, by continuously making these requests, I'll clutter up the Requestria forum.

An example of one such request might be (and I do actually want this done).

"I have these 2 animation frames of Desktop Ponies Season 1 Luna. Her eyes are open in 1 frame and closed in the other. Can someone add 2 more "in between" frames of the eye closing/opening for a total of 4 eye blinking frames? I'm trying to do it myself, but I just can't do it."


Are extremely small and trivial requests like these allowed? If so, should I make separate threads for all of my game's minor art requests or make one thread for all of my game's minor art requests?

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Oh hey. I'm making a pony fan game too. (Final Fantasy 1 edit!) And I've had to ask for art help too, though just one thread so far.

My only idea would be to have a dedicated thread about your game and ask for help with all the things you need. Or maybe if you get one person to help you, they'll help with other things too, especially if they're simple things.

Or maybe I could even try one or two. In my Pony Fantasy 1 game, I'm taking vectors and screenshots from various sources of enemies and monsters to then "trace" small sprites onto for enemy sprites. But I needed a zombie pony to base a spritte on, which someone drew one, and I might want future help of that similar sort. But I could always try smaller requests like yours too.

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1. It doesn’t matter if a project is big or small, any size project is allowed to request help with. Your thread seeking assistance would be best suited under the appropriate request forum: Pony Games, Apps, and Dev Projects

2. To prevent making numerous threads, try compiling all of your questions/concerns about your game in a singular thread. If you think of more later on, then you can make a new thread, it’s not a problem. Just aim to keeping various inquires in one thread if possible.

Does this clear things up?

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