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My Smelly Little (Art) Dump


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This is where we toss our art, yes?
Because I do that.
I make art.

Most of my pony art is a little old, so bare with me on that. I'm positive I'll draw more ponies once G5 is in full swing though.

Will provide links to further posts in this thread for easy viewing later.



I actually just drew this one yesterday. Chrissy, my queen <3

A Rainbow Dash standee I customized with too much effort. You can view more pics of her here: https://sta.sh/21vwoumzmkvu

Concept rendering practice based on pre-production art made by that red-haired lady. Admittedly not my best work, but I enjoyed the process and learned a lot.

The source of my current avatar starring best pony in A Normal Background

Requests I did sometime last year I think? It's Best G3 Pony and Best G4 Pony, of course, just with my personal spin

A buncha my OCs from my own hypothetical concept of G5, something I did way before we had any solid news on the real one
From left to right: Tagalong Tex the Big Brother Pony, Yesterdaisy the Earth Pony, Blue Thunder the Pegasus, Starwish Dreamer the Unicorn, Trinkette the Twinkle-Eye Unicorn, and Whilderbee the Flutter Pony

A style emulation commission made for Radicalhat on deviantArt. I love draconequus OCs

A doodle of what Twilight Sparkle looked like in some G4 concept art. That's "Twilight Twinkle" to you, bub

My ponysona/OC (who I haven't drawn in years shhhh shut uuuuppp). I badly wanted him to be a mule :wacko:

An old old doodle of Legends of Equestria's mascot, Ellowee. I think she's very cute. Haven't played the game in years, though. I wonder if it holds up?

Aaand that's about all the decent stuff I've got! I might post more old work later, but who knows. Just figured I'd toss my hat into the ring anyway. Cheers :Daydreaming:

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Back from the dead with a DUMP
Stuff from March of 2022 til now



G1 Twilight my beloved.



Wow! Horse.
With a speedpaint even: 



The original Pegasister



Prince Firefly of G2 reimagined as a Vampire Batpony



Chibi Nightmare Moon sculpt/model (not Nyx for gods sake its notihjjheefhhj)



And some prototypes of our main girls with 2023 facelifts. [WARNING: SCARY, SPOOKY, AAUUGH I DONT LIKE IT MOM]


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