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G5 and G4; theory and poll


Do you prefer G5 being a sequel to G4 or being a new world?  

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  1. 1. Do you prefer G5 being a sequel to G4 or being a new world?

    • G5 is a sequel to G4
    • G5 and G4 are two different worlds

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Even before the movie was out, there had been two sides in the community;

1. G5 is a sequel to G4

2. G5 is a complete new world


At first I wanted to avoid spoilers (anf failed) to make my own decision. However, just like the G4 spoilers and leaks, it didn't work and I more or less learned about the plot and the world of G5 before watching the movie. The spoilers already let me side with the "G5 is a new world" part of the community, so that my view wasn't without any reservation.

So I already had s hort list of things to look for when watching the movie to see if G5 can be based on G5 or not.

Since I just watched the movie, I'm now sure that G5 might have G4 references but is not the same world. Here my reasons for believing so (just my opinion, so no drama/war pease)


1. Population

We already can say that G4 Equestria's population was around 30/30/40 with 40% being the earth ponies. So yeah, the earth ponies had been more or less the "dominant" (as in existing, not ruling) race. Most people also only see Ponyville and Canterlot as the main cities of Equestria. However, the whole map was filled with towns, even bigger than Canterlot. With the map looking similar to America (around 330 citizen), we can assume that G4 Equestria had at least 100 million pony citizens up to maybe 300 million since they also had sky cities like Cloudsdale.


So the whole G4 map was filled with cities, villages, towns and so on while G5 only has 3 known places. From this three places, only the pegasus city actually was big while the earth ponies (G4's dominate race) only got second and the unicorns had been few in numbers, maybe even "close to extintion" number.


The question: Where did those at least 100 million ponies go? G5 only implied a possible war started by earth ponies who, let's be honest, would have gotten their butts kicked by a few elite/warrior unicorns or an air assault from the unicorns.


2. The world itself

As I said above, G4 was filled with big towns and other notable places like the Everfree Forest. Hoever, aside from the building in the pegasus city, we didn't see a single ruin. Even the broken bridge doesn't count as a G4 ruin.

So where did all the places like Canterlot go? Yeah, we didn't see much of the G5 world, but since Sunny's father might have been an archeologist, we should have at least see a little stuff.


3. Genes

For at least 1000 years, more likely even more, the three races had relationships with each other. The cakes are a good example; two earth ponies who gave birth to a unicorn and a pegasus pony. They most likely weren't the only ponies that had a child that wasn't the same race as the parents.


So why hadn't there been any offsprings of the other races? Was there some sort of giant genocide that not only killed the other tribes but also everyone, who wasn't 100% pure blooded?


4. Sun and moon

G4 started with one main plot for the world: Alicorns are rising and lowering the sun and the moon. The journal of the two sisters expanded it by saying that, before Celestia and Luna, it had been the job of unicorns to rise/lower the sun/moon but even a group sooner or later lost their power by doing so.

So even with a possible device, it still takes magic to do that job. That includes an automatic sun/moon cycle by using evem more magic, so that the alicorn/unicorns can rest for a few days before adding more magic


In short: No magic => no sun/moon cylce => the world will die


5. Magic

G4 made another thing clear; ponies need magic. They used it every day for many reasons, like keeping the food cool (ending of season 8), work or many other things. And that's just the ponies, let's not forget races that need magic to exist like Changelings. Hippogriffs/Sea ponies would have been stuck in their current form, breezies might go extinct...

G4 never had any "source of magic", so I highly doubt that there is a way to just make up some artifact that suddendly is able to lock off all magic. Yes, Cozy tried it but it took a ritual and it seems unlikely that, by completing the ritual, it would leave behind a key to return magic.


So no reason for the "banning/unlocking magic" crystals and even if they did it, no magic would mean a giant genocide. Humans would still do it, but not the G4 ponies.


6. Other Species


By the end of G4 we not only hat the 3 pony tribes but also variations of them (bat ponies) and many other friendly species like dragons, griffin, hippogriffs, yak, changelings, kirin, zebras, breezies and a few neutral races like diamond dogs, apes (the storm kings army), pirate birds, abyssianians and many I forgot.

Were did they all go? We never got any hint that there is anything except ponies in the world of G5


7. Mane 6

Almost forgot this part, so I just stick it at the end. Similar to the "no ruins" thing in point 2, it makes no sense that the G5 world knows about the mane 6 (and only about them and the princess) and how they looked like. We don't know where Sunny's father found the earth pony crystal, but the only theory, except him making up the whole story and therefore making G4 nothing but a made up story for Sunny, is, that he found a dimention mirror. The same Twilight used in Equestria Girls and Celestia in the IDW comics.

The earth pony crystal could have been the power source for the mirror, showing Sunny's father the united G4 Equestria. However, the mirror was damaged so he took the crystal.

Another possible way is, that the mirror was damaged, without any crystals, and someone traveled to G4 Equestria and asking for help. Twilight or Celestia or someone else created the 3 crystals to create(bring back the G5 Equestria's magic. However, somehow the crystal was stoled and two of the 3 pieces ended up in the unicorn forest and the pegasus city. Sunny's father found the third and made a plan to bring back magic. His stories about Equestria (G4) later inspired Sunny to make his plan come true after he failed, got sick and died or whatever happened to him


So yeah, those are my main reasons to say that G5 is not based on G4. It's more likely that some of the G5 ancestory made up fairy tales (or religions) that showed an imaginary world (G4) that never existed in G5. Like a "we once had been united, we can be friends again" or "we once ahd been friends, stop the hate" thing. This, or the dimentional mirror plot.


To me, that's way more likely than saying that a complete peaceful and united G4 world suddendly went nuts, started a few genocides, banished magic and then ended up devided plot.

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