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adventure Elements of Equestria 2: Chapter 11


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Chapter 11: The Breaking Point

Tempest continually yelled for Lee to stop and talk to her, but he simply kept walking away from her as he held his head. Ever since he had yelled at Chrysalis, the same whispers had been infecting his mind like a poison and all he wanted was for the noise to stop.

"Make it stop... make it stop."

You don't need her. She was a nuisance anyhow... Soon, you will have nopony...

"S-Stop it... STOP IT!!!"

Lee screamed as he started running into the nearby trees and hitting his head against the ground to make the whispers stop. As Lee continued this strange behavior, Tempest watched him and had gotten increasingly worried about him ever since.

"LEE!!! Lee... Lee, stop!"

Tempest tried to grab Lee's hooves to settle him down, but he only brushed her off and he then felt another burst of anger in his mind.

"ARGH! Get off of me! I just... I just want it to stop!"

"Want what to stop? What are you talking about? Lee, just talk to me please!!"

"The noise! The whispers! The voices! I-I can't think straight and it is driving me insane!!"

Only the sound of the wind passed Tempest's ears as she tried to hear for any 'voices' and she looked back at Lee to see that he had walked off again. Lee continued walking until he reached a small village and saw multiple ponies all around him that all looked at him.

Several ponies saw Lee's strange behavior and a few of them approached him to see if they could help him. As the ponies surrounded him, Lee suddenly saw all of them laughing at him, calling him names and ridiculing him.


Lee pushed several ponies down as he went farther into the village. Tempest helped the ponies up and quickly apologized for Lee before she ran off after him. Lee quickly went into a nearby alleyway and leaned against the wall as he started breathing heavily and sweat started pouring from his forehead.

"What is... happening to me? I can't..."

Just then, he heard somepony laughing at him and he saw a shady looking pony approach him. The pony came close to Lee and laughed when he saw the angry look on his face.

"Aww, what's the matter little baby? Need a shoulder to cry on?"

Lee only continued glaring angrily at the stranger and he was prepared to hurt him, but the stranger still didn't back away from him.

"What? Are you gonna do something? Are you angry or upset? Don't like being called names? You really are a baby, aren't you?"

"Get... away from me. Now."

The strange pony then laughed again before pushing him and knocking him into the crates nearby. Lee held his head as the pain in his head reached a breaking point and he let out a shout of anger as he suddenly felt his entire body be surrounded by a blue aura of lightning. The bully pony saw this and quickly backed away from Lee as he stood up and faced him with only anger on his face.

"W-Whoa! Wait! Wait a minute!"

Lee blasted the bully through the wall with his powers and he saw the bully laying in a pile of rubble inside of a jewelry store. The bully quickly tried to get up and run away, but Lee blasted him again to keep him down before charging towards him.

Tempest saw all of this happen and she quickly ran over to where Lee was, only to see Lee walking menacingly towards another pony. Lee tackled the bully and pinned him against the wall before he started pounding on his face and his sides, only for Lee to then blast the bully again.

The bully begged for Lee to stop, but Lee simply pinned him down to the ground and beat on his face some more. Tempest quickly grabbed Lee and yelled at him as she tried to pull him off of the other pony.


Just then, in a fit of rage, Lee suddenly reeled his hooves back and screamed as he hit Tempest hard in her face. Tempest yelled as she fell to the ground, but Lee only gasped as he stared in shock at Tempest and realized what he just did to her.

Tempest felt her face and winced at the bruises on her cheek. She stared at Lee in utter disbelief at his actions and felt a few tears in her eyes. Lee tried to approach Tempest and said her name softly, but she suddenly glared at Lee and blasted him with her magic, which knocked him down to the ground.

Lee remained in shock as Tempest stood over him with only the feeling of disappointment and betrayal in her heart now. Tempest looked at this pony before her and didn't recognize him whatsoever.

"Who are you? I... I trusted you." Tempest asked.

"I-I... I don't-"

Tempest shook her head in sadness as she started to walk away from Lee, leaving Lee to look at her in disbelief. Lee couldn't fathom what was happening, but he saw Tempest walking away and suddenly yelled at her.

"TEMPEST!!! Tempest... W-Wait! You can't-"

Lee tried to get up and run to Tempest, but she only kicked him hard in his sides as he approached her and he hit the floor again. Tempest looked back at Lee one last time and saw how miserable he looked, but she closed her eyes to fight back the tears in her eyes.

"Tempest!! Tempest, please don't leave me, please don't. Please... I-I need you, I-I..."

Just then, Tempest let out a burst of anger and faced Lee again, which made him freeze in place and look back into her eyes.

"And I trusted you! I TRUSTED YOU, YOU FOOL!!! I trusted you with my heart and gave you my love and you... you told me that you would never let any harm come to me!"

"No no no, I-I wouldn't. I would never... I w-would never-"

"What has happened to you, Lee? What happened to the pony that told me all that? Or... or was it not real to you?"

Lee was in complete disbelief to Tempest's words and felt as if his heart was being ripped out of his chest.

"No no no... No, Tempest... Please, please just-"

Tempest interrupted him with her hoof and only shook her head in anger at the things Lee had done and she had decided that hurting her was too far.

"No... no, I just can't be around you right now, okay? Don't follow me... Don't come after me. Just... just stay away from me."

After another moment, Tempest felt the tears come out of her eyes as she walked out the door. Tempest kept her head down as more tears came out and she then heard Lee yelling for her.

"Tempest? Tempest, where are you going?! T-Tempest? TEMPEST!!!!"

Lee saw Tempest completely walk away and then he suddenly screamed into the ground and pounded his hoof against the floor. The surrounding ponies then picked Lee up by his hooves and threw him out the door and onto the muddy ground, where he remained as he cried into the ground.

"No... no no no. T-Tempest..."

As Lee felt the sadness and emptiness of losing Tempest in his heart, he only felt a strong sense of hopelessness now and he started to shake from all of the sadness inside.

"What have I done? WHAT HAVE I DONE?!"

Lee walked alone in the forest and thought about what he did to Tempest. Over and over, the scene replayed in his head, but he still couldn't believe that he did such a thing to Tempest.

"How? How could I hurt her? How I could I hurt... the pony that I love?"

The skies above turned stormy and Lee stood in place as he looked to the sky and felt the rain pouring down on him. As the rain soaked Lee, he could only stare at the ground and close his eyes as he tried not to think about Tempest.

"What has happened to me? I don't... I don't recognize myself right now."

You don't deserve love and happiness, fool. You are nothing and a speck of dust to all that you come across.

Lee yelled as he heard the voice return and the voice then started laughing at him. Lee held his head in anger as he tried to speak to this voice.

"Get out... Whatever you are, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!"

You are mine now. Your mind, your heart and your body all belong to me and now you will do exactly what I say...

"W-What?! Who are you?!"

Lee ran until he reached a lake and he quickly went to the water and looked at his reflection. Lee looked at the reflection and saw something completely different instead of himself.

This reflection had glowing red eyes, blackened fur and a very sinister smile looking back at Lee. Lee jumped back and quickly looked at his own figure and it was starting to be drastically altered into something else.

"W-What is this?! Tell me who you are!!"

I am... hatred. I am anger and I am sadness. I am... Malice.

"M-Malice?! The Spirit of Malice? How did this-"

Silence, you fool! I will admit that it took me quite a while to get to your heart, but all I had to do was get rid of all of your little friends and now... now you are mine for the taking.

"N-no... no, you won't take me. Y-You can't..."

Still resisting are you? Hmph, you cannot resist my power and you will never escape it!

Lee felt a huge blast of pain all over and his entire form shaking, but he then slowly saw his own body holding him in place against his will. As this happened, the voice laughed and slowly continued transforming Lee until Lee's form was completely altered, complete with his eyes turning red.

All was dark for a moment after that, but Lee opened his eyes and he now had a very evil smile on his face. Lee spoke, but another deep and sinister voice came from his mouth instead of his own.

"I am MALICE!!!"

The Spirit of Malice now had full control of Lee and he looked at his hooves as he laughed menacingly.

"Finally! I finally have the pony that will bring me the ultimate power. Now Lee... as we wait for Queen Chrysalis to find the last two Essences of Emotion, you will go to Canterlot."


"And your task is quite simple really. I order you... to destroy Canterlot and everypony there."

"N-no... no, I will not do that!!"

Malice laughed again and he made Lee hit himself in the face repeatedly and strike himself in the stomach. As the pain went through Lee's head, his mind finally gave in to Malice's command and he felt everything he had surrender.

"You will do it... or you will die. Do you understand me?"

"I-I will... I will."

Lee then got up and silently walked away from the lake and back towards the road. As Lee walked, there was nothing left in his mind except doing what Malice commanded him to do and he had no way of resisting Malice now.

"D-Destroy Canterlot... I will."

Tempest made her way out of the village and she came to a crossroads that had multiple signs pointing to different areas of interest. Tempest stopped when she got to the road and thought about what had happened with Lee.

"Lee... There's no way he would do something like that to me. We've been together for so long and he has never done anything like this before. There's something wrong with him but I don't know what it is..."

The rain above Tempest started pouring on her, but she simply kept walking as she looked back at the village one more time.

"What do I do? There's got to be something I can do to help Lee..."

Just then, a gust of wind blew by Tempest and she looked at the nearby road sign. She saw the word "Canterlot" on the sign and she had an idea pop into her head.

"Canterlot... Yes, Celestia and Luna! Maybe the two of them can help me figure out what’s wrong with Lee! It's the only way I know how to help him..."

Tempest was prepared to leave, but she sighed as she thought once more about Lee. Lee had been with her for a year now and Tempest thought about everything that he has done for her: being friends with her, saving her life multiple times and eventually falling in love with her.

As Tempest thought about all of this, her mind then went to what had just happened and she felt her bruised cheek again. A few tears came out as she muttered Lee's name.

"Whatever has happened to you... I know that this isn't you."

A/N: Another chapter is done! This one has quite a lot of emotional stuff going on, but I hope everyone enjoys it!

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1 minute ago, TomDaBombMLP said:

This is such a gut punch. :( I thought the villain was gonna be Sombra but you’ve created even more of a monster. The kind of manipulative villain the series needed. Fantastic as always! :wub:

Malice is the villain of this story. He’s been trying to control Lee throughout the entire story, but Tempest leaving Lee was the final piece he needed to control him now!

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Wow, this is getting interesting. That really stung, when Lee lost Tempest. Glad she quickly noticed that there has to be some reason Lee's acting like this though, poor gal's going to be in for a nasty surprise however when Lee gets to Canterlot... :Tempest:

1 hour ago, TomDaBombMLP said:

This is such a gut punch. :( I thought the villain was gonna be Sombra but you’ve created even more of a monster. The kind of manipulative villain the series needed. Fantastic as always! :wub:

Heh. Maybe some day. :fluttershy:

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5 minutes ago, CloudMistDragon said:

Wow, this is getting interesting. That really stung, when Lee lost Tempest. Glad she quickly noticed that there has to be some reason Lee's acting like this though, poor gal's going to be in for a nasty surprise however when Lee gets to Canterlot... :Tempest:

Heh. Maybe some day. :fluttershy:

And now you know that it was Malice that was talking to Lee and now he has taken control of Lee now. What do you think of that?

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13 hours ago, DivineCurse1000 said:

And now you know that it was Malice that was talking to Lee and now he has taken control of Lee now. What do you think of that?

I love this turning point of the story, Malice forcing Lee to play the role of the villain! 

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