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Hi! I'm Candygirl21489, but I'm probably going to be reffered to as my OC, Chipper most of the time. ;)

Anyway, I like writing fanfics and posting them on dA. (My dA username is the same as my MLP forums username.)

I've never been banned from anything, I can tolerate ALMOST anypony, and I LOOOOOOOOVE pony art or fanfics!!! :lol: (I'm not sure about cupcakes, though. :blink: ) I am a pegasister, and I've watched every single MLP FIM episode. Eagerly awaiting season 3!!! I first saw ponies... well, everywhere. I couldn't search up one video without finding a pony video in the related videos. I still thought it was the 'Rainbow Dash always dresses with style stuff, so I didn't bother. Then I joined dA and met OMGchibi, a pony artist. Then I watched all the episodes. The end. Now you're probably tired of reading this, (if you even made it this far, brohoof to you. :huh: ) so bye!

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Hi Pegasister

Derpy for the welcome. Hope ya like it here. Sorry, but I stole all the welcoming muffins.... I couldn't help it, anyhow welcome again. Hope you love the best forums on the net.

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