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Hi! Welcome to the forums. You should probably read the rules first, then maybe look at others posts, so you know how to properly post something!


Hope that helps! :D

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Hello and welcome to the forums! Hope you like it here :)


Here's a quick outline of each of the sections (They're labeled on the site, but i'll stick this here anyway. Also these are an overview of what the entire section contains, not the more specific subsections):


MLP Forums: Site information, feedback, etc. and the welcoming area, which this is. If you have any site specific questions i'd look here.


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Basically everything that has to do with the show goes here (i.e. merchandise, character discussion, etc). If you want to talk about things related to the show i'd look at the sub-sections here.


Octavia's Hall: Art, fan-fictions, art help, and all that type of stuff goes in here. If you want to show off drawings, fan-fictions, get help with artsy stuff, i'd look here).


Roleplay World: If you want to roleplay or organize a roleplay or something of that sort, i'd look here.


Beyond Equestria: Basically everything else. (Such as things not related to ponies, like books, movies, video games, etc). This is also where forum games are. If you like that sort of thing, i'd look here.


Hope that helps :) (All of that is labeled anyway, but thought you might find it helpful. Even if it isn't i enjoyed typing it ;) )

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