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The Building Of Equestria...Minecraft Style.


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Hello Everypony,


I am building Equestria on a private Hamachi server. It's a small server with maybe one more person. I am an amazing builder and have been playing since Indev. So far I have the front gate and the large tower with the spiral roof. I really want to build with other players and fellow Bronys or Pegasisters. If you want to help me build this amazing castle and express your creativity and building style Skype me at Wannambeskyper or Naglis Mendingo.




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We've been running our own project to build Equestria here on MLP Forums since December, and have a good chunk of Ponyville finished. I'd suggest taking a look at it - I'd haphazard a guess that it's a bit further along than yours: http://mlpforums.com/topic/2011-lets-build-equestria-in-minecraft/


You will need to make 40 posts before you can apply for build rights, but you can check out a live isometric map of our progress so far here: http://mc.mlpforums.com/

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