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Good day or evening you have! Thank you for stopping by! This is my shop that focus on animations and GIFs and am offering now very good products at reasonable prices! Feel free to take a look! If you have any questions be my guest, all of the art I make I make it with all my love for art so I guarantee I will put my best effort to bring you a smile and only the best quality work! 





The avatars usually starts at 150 x 150 px but if you need smaller GIFs or adjust one of my works I can definetly do it for you with no extra fee, Also no worries about background or not, I can add it, I can animate it as well, what you are purchasing is the format of my work, also my work is not limited to ponies, I can also work on Furries, anime, comic style and soft shade style 

Chatterbox happy.gif Normal Soury.gifoutput_xQlBPC.gif






Pretty much like the avatars these can go animated or not, they can have a background or not, at the end you put the rules!






Pretty much like my other products, you can select the large images animated or not, they dont have to be a loop, and I can also make more than ponies, feel free to ask for more questions

Webp.net-gifmaker (2).gif






*The result may not be exactly as the reference you are giving, be very specific but please, dont ask me to copy the same style of other artist

*Let's keep it family friendly, no NSFW, no gore, nothing disgusting, keep it Forum friendly, I may add some blood but nothing graphic

*I can make suggestive poses and loops but nothing too graphic and I may deny a work

*While I do my best to make everything good and quick, please be patient, do not rush me please, normally takes 2 - 3 days depending on complexity

*Keep also this thread clean, no fights or cussing, if is a serious matter send me a DM

*No off topic postings please, we are all adults, if your comment is unrelated to my shop or my art, I'll like to invite you to send me a DM

*Don't ask me for discounts for any reasons, I think my prices are fair, I will post season discounts certain times but under my terms

**I may post more rules but let's keep it civil



If you want to place your order click on this link and choose the product


I thank you for stopping by and I hope you have an excelent day!




IMPORTANT UPDATE!! We are doing some changes now, In my previous shop you could left your message here with corrections if the work needed some changes, now all changes and updated i do will be handled via PM only so I can post the final result on the thread!

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Comission (1 out of 2) made for @Princess Silky I hope you like it!

This is the static version




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--Fixing this piece -

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Changes must be made
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