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We could create a spiritual group for MLP...

Samuel L Changeling

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I have a question for really any on here interested in answering it.

I think it is very much possible to work on and create a religious or spiritual group related to the values of a lot of previous religions but MLP driven as well.


Now, I am well aware of Celestianism's existence and to clarify I am not talking about a worship of a deity driven focus but more of a self study and community driven project in a sense.


I have read ally about various religions and beliefs so while I am not going to claim to be the end all/be all expert here if enough people where interested I would be more than happy enough to share what I've read on and learned about this far.

In other words I can help plant the seeds so to speak. 


So, would anyone be interested?




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I know it's extremely nerdy of me but I actually have written out what key things most religions have together as common denominator links and heo they could work together (and yes this would include Celestianism) if anyone is interested.

Some times my inner OCD Twilight comes out and I start doing list and obsessing on details in regards to projects what can I say. 





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