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The Root of the Problem—Discussion

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So I've been thinking a lot about "The Root of the Problem" ever since I read it. It stands out to me as unusual for My Little Pony, and I've picked apart its structure and message. The thing that's weird about it to me is that, while a lot of MLP stories are about how people should come together and talk, or about how being traditionally "good" and sticking with your friends is the right way to go, this arc definitely seems to have a strong core component that, sometimes, ecoterrorism is justified. The collateral damage caused by the deer isn't really delved into as a huge moral failing on their part. If anything, it's shows as a justifiable anger response. The thing that's important is that, towards the end, the deer are shown to be the good ones without reservation, but their methods to hurt innocents. How do you guys feel about that?

Is there anything else that stood out about this arc to you?

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