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Can somebody please draw my sonas nightmare form?


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Hey there! I´m looking to change my pfp, and was wondering if anyone would like to draw Saturn Ring´s Nightmare form, it would be a Halloween pfp...

Ref images:

pony - 2023-07-29T194642.455.png

pony - 2023-07-29T194636.470.png

pony - 2023-07-29T194627.425.png

pony - 2023-07-29T194620.723.png

As for what she´d be doing, maybe draw her in a big circle with her hooves outside of the border crossed over each other, like this screen cap of Pinkie, but with a sharp toothed (but not menacing) smile and sparkly eyes:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Giggle at the Ghostly - YouTube


Thank you! 


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