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Fourfold "Fox" Flick

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Note: this post was originally on OC help, but I realized I posted it on the wrong place

I having this burning idea for a MLP OC for Gen 5, and I'm wondering what you pony think of it

Her name is Fourfold "Fox" Flick: she's an earth pony that was isolated from other pony, and was raised by dragon flys. Unfortanately, she lived her life without going to school, relying on reading books for any education. Fox was shunned by most civilian in her town because she was a pony, and the few dragon flys that accepted her was the family that adopted her.

Fourfold Flick thought that she's the last pony in existence, until the event of New Generation that she discovers that there's other pony as well, but she's contempt with living with her adopted family's town; that event made her realize that magic is real, but she, and any real species don't have it. So she gather her 4 friends, and 1 sister-in law from different species to form The Alarm to achive magic for normal species, in addition to protect their neighborhood

Fourfold Flick is a loose cannon, she's unpredictable, ruthless, but mostly stoic; however, she values friendship, and how important they are, believing that going through life without at least a platonic relationship is not worth living.

The interaction between the Mane 6 depends on the situation, but usually a situation can turn into a three-sided conflict, with The Alarm going against both the Mane 6, and Queen Opaline (even if Fourfold don't like the Mane 6, but never plans to be the agressor on attacking them)

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