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Hello, everypony!


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Hello, everypony! I first discovered MLP in 2021 when I was finding random Netflix shows (yes, A New Generation), then just forgot about it. Then, for some reason (maybe me thinking about friendship) it just poof, disreappeared. :winking-izzy: I watched even more MLP, and that's how I became a fan of ponies, or a brony!

When I was googling "mlp" a few hundred times for sources of information, I found this website: MLP Forums. In the past few years, I have only been a reader until today, when I said "there's nothing to lose!" and clicked the sign up button. (This is actually my first brony presence online, before that it was only between myself.)

I wanted to catch up with G4 of MLP, but Netflix deleted all seasons except season 1. I didn't want to spend money on another streaming service, and I didn't really want to go to those free streaming sites. Instead, I went to my public library and borrowed a few MLP DVDs! But they didn't have all the seasons, so I just watch G5 (for now.)

I don't really have favourite ponies, but if I had to choose, they would be the G1 Minty, G3 Pinkie Pie, G4 Cutie Mark Crusaders, and G5 Misty. (I skipped G2 because there were no animation series or anything but toys.)

3 things I like about MLP:

  • The storyline is not too generic, but not too complex so the entire plot can be fit in my brain.
  • Does kind of a good job at teaching the intended big idea (friendship) to the intended audience (8 y/o girls)
  • Most of the questions are left to be answered by fans!

I can't really think of any more stuff to put here, and it is getting late in my time zone, but excited to revealed myself as a brony, and finally be a part of the larger My Little Pony community!

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