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Welcome Sweet Lemon!

Lawyer Slip

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PXL_20240318_003705356_MP.thumb.jpg.ec8f03811541d62f83ae94fcb2f71d77.jpgHi everypony, I wanted to introduce a new character of mine. Her name is Sweet Lemon! She's a bat pony and if she comes off like Fluttershy, she's just really anxious, because she had a hard time growing up, but I'm helping her get through it! Say hi Sweet Lemon!

. . . H-h-h-h-hi S-s-s-s-sweet Lemon . . .

It's ok, we'll work on it :squee:


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38 minutes ago, Cash In said:

Hey @Lawyer Slip I'm moving this thread over to the Visual Fan Art section.

Nice drawing btw. :)

Thanks, appreciate it. I always forget where to put these things. 

Thanks for liking the drawing too :squee:

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