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Discovery Family's viewership report for 2023


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Total viewership of Discovery Family per year:

2014      152,000
2015      160,000    +5%
2016      148,000    -8%
2017      118,000    -20%
2018      62,000    -46%
2019      53,000    -18%
2020      58,000    +9%
2021      43,000    -25%
2022      38,000    -14%
2023      28,000    -26%

Under these trends, viewership is expected to drop to around 20,000, maybe even less by the end of 2024. This should convince Hasbro that there is no reason to stay on Discovery Family any longer as kids obviously aren't watching linear cable TV these days. Once this happens, all the shows currently airing on DF that Hasbro owns, including My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (especially Seasons 5-9) and Pony Life, will need to move back to streaming, so that the kids currently watching G5 on Netflix becoming more and more curious about G4 finally get access to it.

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