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Twinkie Pie

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On 2024-04-12 at 1:42 PM, Twinkie Pie said:

Any tips on making and drawing a ponysona?

i would recomend picking out or drawing your base to start then decide what species. pick a color at random or a color you want to use for the coat of the ponysona. after that you should find a cool hair style to go with it, then a hair color. i would recommend the amount of colors be between 2-5 because a pony with too much colors looks too ... idk how to describe it, but anyway idk if its good. after the hair color you should move on to eyes, then other designs like for example vitiligo like i used for mine or splotches. stuff like that. then you should decide what their cutie mark should be if they have any at all like mine doesnt. but anyway you should just go with the flow. find things that work and look right to you.

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I've had 2 sonas since I was a child, and I was able to flesh them out after I discovered the best cutie marks. My second and current sona was created after drawing a plethora of sketches. You can also look at your favorite ponies for inspiration. You also may want to read up on color theory and which colors compliment each other best. The most important part is to keep the cutie mark and your sona's personality, interests, and hobbies in the forefront of the design. For example, if your sona's design is based off of nighttime, it'd probably be best to use a darker palette rather than light pastel colors. Also, keep your mind open to multi-colored manes, textures, and a variety of skin designs you can use. If you can't make up your mind with a cutie mark or what your sona stands for, I would create a design you love a lot and work from there. 

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