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hey!! („• ֊ •„)


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My Favourite Mane 6 Pony


How did you find MLP Forums?

i really needed to find a mlp forum, it was a matter of life or death!! my hyperfixation on mlp having come back, i really needed to share my passion with new people!! so i start from the principle of "if we search, we find", so i looked for a forum mlp simply, and i found it. (ᵔ◡ᵔ)

How you became a fan of My Little Pony

i liked mlp when i was young, it was in 2011, i was 7 years old i think. when you’re a child you often watch tv, well that was my case, and i could see mlp at tv, that's where i found it, so i became a huge fan!!


btw i come from france, so i'm sorry if my english looks weird!

and little anecdote: when I was in 5th grade, my classmates mocked me because i liked mlp and i assumed it, but with hindsight i don't understand why at such a young age (9-10 years) i was criticized for liking something for "little girls" (knowing that i was a little girl myself at this time), it must be believed that children are wicked and want to grow up too fast. besides the mockery continued until middle school, except that it was only one person who mocked me: my best friend (yeah i know, it’s really not nice of her). So in middle school i started to deny that i liked mlp, but in high school i really got back to it, people had grown up and didn’t care about what i liked.

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Hey there cutelolita! I love your profile picture! it's a cutie!

I hope you're going to have a lot of fun here and find some new awesome friends to chat and hang out with! :eager:

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