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Here is the glorious character of mine, Pterotaum:



Pterotaum (Commonly called "Taummy") Is the ghost of an alien species called Pterotaum. He died from the super nova of his original planet's star, and practically hitch-hiked with my Persona (Now a Ponysona) and a few other OCs of mine when they met him at the nebula left by the solar system.


He lives a giant purple gemstone, and he is practically the Pinkie Pie of the Afterlife dimension. He captures souls released from the dead bodies of others, and turns them into something like this:



This prossess is called "Taummitization"

The term "Taummitize" means to make into a Pterotaum-like being. Since Pterotaum didn't think of his own name, rather just use his species name, this is what a female human might look like when she is turned into a Pterotaum. Or, at least, a Pterotaum's Spirit. Pterotaum (Himself) pays a visit to Diane (See second quote in signiture) when she is in the middle of killing someone. When that person is dead, their soul lifts up to the roof, and just floats there unconscious. That is, until Pterotaum comes along to take that soul, taummitize it, and bring it to his Paranormal Party Room. Once that has been done, the soul has little recollection of its living self, so its memory is filled with an artificial story. That story is written by Satyr (See first quote in signiture), and it takes a while for it to be created. Before it knows about its past (Which is often a positive one), it is introduced to everyone else, more so to the Miraculists. Every other soul that is in Pterotaum's Paranormal Party Room is very nice, but loves to play around with living souls that pass through the Party Room. Every living soul that enters the Party Room leaves either with: An awkward smile, a disturbed frown, tears, or they just don't leave at all, rather they just give their soul to Pterotaum so they can party with all of the other ghosts.

A human's Taum-soul represents them in only two ways: Their essence color, eye color, and their hair style. Their essence color is the color of their bodies. For instance, the essence color of the Taum above is a sort of cyan-tealish color. Their hair style relates to the hair style they had while they were alive. Their eye color is just randomly chosen. Other than that, they all are the same. All female Taums have a very thin waist and a more skirt-like drag. The male Taums have pretty much the same body formation as Pterotaum. Pterotaum also has the ability to literally rip the soul out of a living being's body. He does this by going up to a being, grabbing it, and tugging on it, which breaks the connection between the body and its soul. Then, he can taummitize the soul. When he does this, the being itself dies. But, as long as the body still has functional organs, he can put the soul back into the body to revive the being. 


Just for fun, I made this as well:



That is Pinkie Pie when she is taumitized



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