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  1. Does anyone have a decent last name for a sort of sinister fictional royal family?

    1. Thunderchild


      How about Grunt-Futtock?

    2. Naught Important

      Naught Important

      That sounds like a name I should give to a comic relief character. I can't see how it would fit into a sinister royal family's name.

    3. Thunderchild


      They always seem to be Baron Von something or other. Maybe Snyder or whipsnade

  2. Okay, here's my guide for making an OC Okay, you ready for this?
  3. Praise Spiral Knight Poliswag!

  4. Insects are just as awesome as they are terrifying

  5. If you think that you are better than most people, but you still see yourself as poor in terms of skill, is that still Narcissism?

  6. For a long while now, I've procrastinated writing a story that I've been longing to write for a long time. I don't think I would have any trouble with continuing the story once I am able to begin it, but that is where I feel like I fall flat. I don't trust or like my way of beginning a story. That is my problem for a lot of things. I cannot continue reading a story if I am not dragged into it through the first few paragraphs or so, and I am sure that if it happens to me, it can happen to others, and I want to try and prevent that as much as possible. I am not entirely sure w
  7. This banner needs BIGGER HAIR

  8. I just watched the first ever episode to exist of My Little Pony, you know, the one with the original Tirek... It was pretty damn bad, but I wasn't expecting much more than what I got.

  9. Because the Mane Six accepted him as a friend even though he betrayed them. Since Tirek made such an impact on him when he denied him his promised power, he felt horrible and felt unworthy to be anyone's friend, but they still liked him. It just felt more meaningful than a tantrum on a frozen apple farm.
  10. I honestly thought that the original reformation process was a little weak. Now, though, I'm sure he's truly reformed. I'm pretty sure that he just thought Tirek was making a good deal. I mean, he does like ruling Equestria.
  11. One Hype Train ends, another Hype Train begins!

  12. The end is nigh! Let us celebrate the conclusion to the fourth season with a bundle of videos coming to you from the Hype Train.
  13. Why do I keep hearing a high frequency off to my right?

  14. It can depend. Sometimes disliking your work can bring more of an urge to correct it. Take me for example...
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