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(Wait, no prefix for poetry? RUDE. Well, you need to SEE to read, so visual it is!)


Hello everyone! While I am not a horrible artist, my focus recently has been written word. I thought I'd post some of my poems that either were influenced by MLP, or I just wanted to share with everyone ^_^.


So, uhm...yeah :D


(Edit: By all means, feel free to post your own poetry here if you feel like it.)


A Nightmare

”Walking across the scape, I peer on

Through the white sheet I look upon

A lone figure, curtains of light.


The wavering horizon a cloak

Over eyes in this land, I choke

As I see the encroaching blight.


I turn my head, my body follows.

I emit a cry, the sound rings hollow.

Instead a roar, a palpable spite.


It overcomes me, it consumes me

As quickly as I was, I cease to be.

With her now, I become the night.”



Have you ever seen the sun rise?

Such power behind it, so wise

In it’s execution.


Have you ever seen the moon glow?

In the night sky, it’s light doth show

The beauty of the world.


Together they call unto he

To tell their tale of how to BE

To look down and to comfort me


With their synchronous existence.


Within Reach

A group of thousands

A herd of compassion

Rife with potential

Full of interaction


But to what end?

I see no point

Close relations

Ignored and disjoint


We're still alone

A heart with a breach

Searching for someone

Who’s not within reach.



Found such a cute mare

Who’s time I did share

Her eyes, a brilliant blue.


In time I had found

Our heart they did sound

But alas, we must say adieu.


But not without getting a number first.

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Go right ahead.



Okay! Thanks!

While this one isn't influenced by MLP (made it back in May, before I had even watched the show), if you don't mind lengthy, enigmatic poetry, with some paradox/oxymorons here and there... well you may enjoy it:


Title: Since what is spent



Sunk-much in, again I soliloquy


And to myself; who is alone, and without


That closuring arm, may not it tempt me


Because I only resent it, because it resents me


I do alone, because you only allow me


While the days spoofs and cliche's have yet to arouse my;


My sense, sense of heart, and here I am generic


Do not have me start




And start I shall, as I would further go on


About my folly, goodness, my dismount


Into the world of worlds, and your world of worlds


But you could have done better to FARE me


Than to leave me alone, in this world's also lone entirety




But I do not consider it vast, but considerably confusing


And what is that I see, I see it there, hanging on the wall?


And there are you, are you, in circumference, or diagonally, involved with it?


Because I ask, you also show confusion, and knock off, put aside


And put away my closuring arm, which I also wished I'd never given


And whatsoever conviction I whence had becomes dismal if that be a bested conclusion


As I have, or have not, since gotten


Because I fear that you may isolate me again


And blend and disperse behind those shaggy walls


And I'd be without a clue about what you are thinking


For it was my wrong, or so I've kept on thinking


So let me not just tinker with my own tangible phantom and demons


And play with many shirking revelations, as though they may appear


Because you'll be with them, those inner-demons, while all I can do is rear


And rear as I also shall, because you've left me alone


Or rather, so I have felt, and whence call on abandonment




But I should know you better because of it


And I should know better than to hand you what should be immensely dealt, garnered.


Because the maturity of my heart seems none-to-kindred


Or dreadful


Because I've kept on thinking


These revelations


Their importance


Their messages are potent


As if they've been the only ever contemplated on these also immense earths


I've found in your world


Because, realistically, I'm molded of those same earths,


And their dense roots, as those are the inner networkings I am also involved in, which only seeks to bare your weight




But rest-not and restful


As I come with my own personal barings!


But you only seem comfortable with them, dependant on your own apparel


And to which is from your own, personal, given census


As I am but a question on your questionaire, and I say;


"How important am I really to you?"


But darkened eyes devour me as you do me away


Because the seriousness of this question cautions but to imminently lead to tension; or


As I would have thought, but this is but a forbaded,


And forbidden


Revelation that coordinates the strained confusion that forces along my mind


Which I wish was an enigma


Whose puzzles and obscure patterns and hidden messages attracted you moreso than what others wrought


But rejoice and rejoice, I seem not to be just a heart-settling factor


As you have done for me, though have also since, done for others


Because as I look around


At many the familiar furniture inbetween those once tightend but now shaggy walls


Whose use is as byfar, expended, faltering and detaining as my purpose is served;




I unwittingly find out you are also as expended.


As I am but a small token, or just a redundant contender


For your divided hearts, divided loves, and carrier, but-since divided soul


Which I sitll think impossible as you heart may just be too gracious


And mine, unwilling to share what has become clear to me, though faced with this, foremost,


What would also be a revelation but is foremost true.


So I come too baring my coins, my tokens, though their luster is no where near as great


Because it'd be rude TO me, not to.


Because I myself am not quite good enough, or am foul-suited


Because gracious hearts and their offerings, appreciative, become tokens expended to me




And make me near obsessive; so as I show, and may offer


As among tens', fifthties', hundreds' of other contenders and their tens', fifthties', hundreds' of tokens


I come as cheap and silly, because as others have come not with tokens, but with solid gems and luxurous drapery


And seek to bolt them among tables and walls, and next to you


Alongside what was familiiar in your temporary shaggy home I come, bargaining, and bargaining with fool's gold


For I am a fool who's sensitive heart cares too much


And would have brought one million golden tokens!


Had I known


To compensate for the mere ten silvers offered by your attractive soul.








But since what is spent, I feel I have overpaid

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Holy verbose Batman!

That is very good...makes me want to write a longer piece.


Thanks, I was going through a certain phase involving a friendship I was uncertain about I shared with someone. It felt pretty one-ended and I was wishing to feel like I had more of a role in the person's life I guess. Like she wouldn't mind forgetting me or something. Especially with the goals I have had set up for myself.


So on and so... I'm glad I inspired you to say the least. :) There are others related to this one if you are ever interested.

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Saffron waves infuse the night

Scudding clouds confuse the fight

Darkness reigns and who is right

The thoughtful one

Or the hideous sight?


Dancing waves upon a windswept shore

Thunderheads that rain no more

Rocky ways lead on before

The darkness real

The sight still sore.


Elixir strong, the dream is gone

Phantasms fly, now are you one?

Ever dark the con

Even lost amidst the snows

That once so shone


Achilles lost, his blasted heel

Heroes destroyed, how do they feel?

Prisoner sentenced to his last meal

The gallows tomorrow

Before the altar kneel


Darkness comes in shadow waves

Madness comes as the sad fool raves

Soul lost inside the cavern craves

A moment's grace, a time to think

A second's pause, the heart does sink

The world is lost

Too high the cost

Along the edge the cutting razor shaves

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