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Hello, I'm Kreinbahthur. To be honest, I didn't think I would actually like the show at first, but when I actually watched, I felt myself starting to like it. After 2 days of watching a couple of episodes, I declared myself a brony. So yeah, I got into the series pretty quickly, quicker than I do to most shows!

Aside from that, I do Tae Kwon Do, Karate, and Boxing. I also like to play video games (Skyrim especially) and read books (Greek myth, Christian fiction).

I hope I can have a great time here!

Also, my name comes from putting three words from the "Thu'um" language together. The literal translation is, "Sun, Wrath, Overlord". (My main fan character is actually named this, so I decided to use it here as well).

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Welcome to the forums! I felt exactly the same we (if you read my about me page) I liked it as soon as in the first episode though. Video games is something most of us play here on the forums. Skyrim is fun :) FUS RO DAH! Anyways I promise you'll have a wonderful time here with all of us. By the way, your username is very clever!

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