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New here, so.. What's up?


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Okay, so I'm a bit new to all of this forum stuff, but here I am giving it a shot! xD


What's there to really do? I hear about how lots of people spend lots of time on these kinds of sites, but I seem to only retain a few minutes before heading elsewhere. Any tips would be appreciated!


imo-Fluttershy is best pony xD  ;)

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Well, welcome! To the forums! Here we talk about my little pony and do some pony related stuff. You can be yourself, nobody's mean here. I like pinkie pie and rainbow dash, and it has nothing to do with the story those two were in. Pinkie pie's not crazy.

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Welcome to the forums, there's actually a good bit of things to do such as:


Or just have some fun and interact with various members.


Enjoy your stay. 

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