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Hi! My name is Maio but you can call me May/Mayo :D

I'm new to the whole forum thing so I'm still learning! I joined this site because I started reading/listening to Fallout Equestria and it brought back my love for my little pony! 

I'm currently on chapter 5 and would love to have someone to chat about it!

Let me tell you a bit about myself now:

I'm Brazilian and English is not my first language,so please forgive me for any grammar mistakes.

I always liked my little pony but never really interacted with the fandom so I just found out about very popular memes and fanfics very recently.

My favorite ponies are Pinkie Pie, Apple Jack and Luna , I even have the Nightmare Moon collector edition figure :wub:

Anyways, I hope to make friends here and find people I can chat about my renewed passion.:mlp_yeehaa:

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7 minutes ago, ZiggWheelsManning said:

Welcome to the Forums @Mayo-May:mlp_yeehaa:  May I help you:fluttershy: May?  

Thank you! And clever joke lol! I wanted to know what I can do in this site, do you have any suggestions?

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