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unicorn Candle Wick


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Name:Candle Wick

Age: 24


Species: Unicorn



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A cream colored unicorn with an auburn orange man, Wick doesn't look like a pony who goes outside very often. He's got some bags under his eyes, and wears thin-framed glasses perched atop his nose. A small black watch ticks on his forehoof, and he's rarely seen outside.


A lit red-candle


A bit secluded, Wick sometimes come off as a curmudgeon. He's occasionally baffled by everypony's, and hides his own shyness behind annoyance, but, when you get to know him, he's nice and genuinely cares.


The son of a unicorn and pegasus, Wick was raised in Phillydelphia. He loved the city and often romped about on some of the city's rainy or snowy days as a young colt. He did well enough in school, and began to apprentice under his father in their candle and lantern making shop. When he got older and finally decided to move out, he took the money he had saved up from summer jobs and working with his father to buy a small shop in Colt's Crossing with a loft above it and moved out there. Since then, he's been selling candles and lanterns to the ponies who live there... He's not very fond of lightbulbs, though.

Other:He really likes rainy and snowy days.

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