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Shoutout to Sia's character in the MLP movie literally just being Sia as a pony. Updated 10 Feb · 1 comments

About Me

Episode reviewer, Twitterholic, fanfiction writer, Equestria Girls fan.


I started watching MLP in February of 2012, eventually settling as Twilight as my favourite character (subject to change based on my current dissatisfaction with her characterization) and soon after began writing episode reviews as a hobby. More recently, I've taken to FiMFiction to get my narrative ideas on to paper and to indulge my shipping side. I enjoy writing and talking about ponies, so writing about ponies is easily one of my favourite pastimes.


Top 5 ponies
1. Twilight Sparkle (I identify with her really strongly.)
2. Sunset Shimmer (Equestria Girls wouldn't be the same without her.)
3. Princess Cadance (Consistently delightful and super underrated. Want to see her character deepened and given more stories.)
4. Rarity (Possibly the most consistently enjoyable character on the show. Maybe should be higher?)
5. Rainbow Dash (Often misused but interests me more than any other character on the show.)


Season 2 > Season 1 > Season 3 > Season 6 (so far) > Season 5 > Season 4

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