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About Me

I usually go online by the name Feld0, and my real name is Peter. MLP Forums is the fourth online community I've built, and I hope to use my prior experience to make it your favourite place to hang out with and chat with fellow bronies.

My true passion lies in software development. Video games have often been a source of fascination for me, and I've always dreamed of someday creating my own - though the way things turned out, I'm looking at software-as-a-service now! I'm currently a freshman computer science student at the University of British Columbia, studying this subject to better my understanding of all things software.

As far as ponies go, I don't even quite remember when or how, but I believe I saw an unusual number of pony avatars on TheWiiU.com during the summer, so I decided to search the show up on Youtube one day with an open mind. My first reaction to the first two episodes was "surprisingly... not bad." Next thing you know, I come back to the show a couple of weeks later and I got hooked. Fast forward to October, and I started up what is now a large and thriving pony community.

When I'm not buried under ponies or school, I code. My current programming project is Poniverse.net, the main core of the Poniverse network.

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