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Teenage robots are awesome, but so is Best Pony. Updated 25 Jan · 4 comments

About Me

My real name is Peter. MLP Forums is the fourth online community I've built; however, as of October 2013, I've passed the torch to a new generation of leadership.

I'm a computer science student at the University of British Columbia and a Hootsuite Owl! My true passion lies in software development. Video games have often been a source of fascination for me, and I've always dreamed of someday creating my own - though the way things turned out, I'm looking at software-as-a-service now!

As far as ponies go, I don't even quite remember when or how, but I believe I saw an unusual number of pony avatars on TheWiiU.com during the summer, so I decided to search the show up on Youtube one day with an open mind. My first reaction to the first two episodes was "surprisingly... not bad." Next thing you know, I come back to the show a couple of weeks later and I got hooked. Fast forward to October, and I co-founded what is now a large and thriving pony community.

When I'm not buried under ponies or school, I code. My current programming project is Poniverse.net, the main core of the Poniverse network.

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