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  1. WHO ARE YOU!?

    1. Daedalus21


      Just someone looking for some friends on the site.

    2. Fanned


      I see...



  2. If you want to have some funny conversations over skype, then plz respond here with your skype and I will add you and introduce you to each other as well.
  3. An ancient being, long thought of as evil, Xorion the corruptor, had been sealed away by princesses Celestia and Luna 500 years ago. Before that had been done, he lived by only one goal, to perfect the world, through it's destruction. Now after half of a millenia had passed, Xorion shall return to us, and it is up to the mane six and their allies to either stop Xorion's plans, or he shall recreate the world in his own image. I seek for any who would be willing to assist me in completing this possibly amazing idea of mine.
  4. I'm so sorry to hear that, I just joined but I know that most if not everyone here is an amazing person, as I assume you are no different.
  5. Daedalus21

    Hello Brohoof? (\

    I have been a brony since mid to late last year, before the season 2 finale, and I love all of the episodes. I am also a fluttershy fan, she will end you if you mess with her friends, scary.
  6. Daedalus21

    Game Forum?

    Good idea, we can discuss the awesomeness of the games.
  7. Seriously, I never knew she left, you'd think her name woulda been said less in that case. A shame, she made one awesome collection of colorful ponies and plots(the stories)lol.
  8. Uhh, I gotta stop drinking so much apple cide...(Sees sleeping female pony next to him) OH MY CEKESTIA!!!!
  9. Just enjoying life.

  10. I think Lauren will make Twilicorn work out very well. She made Discord into a dark and forshdowing character eventually turning into a protagonist work pretty darn well.
  11. I have a possibly brilliant idea for a mlp flash series, but first i need to know if any animators and voice actors are interested, I can't animate, but I can voice act and come up with a script.
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