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No, windows. I don't want to update at 1 AM.



Does this "feature" bother anyone else? I'm programming away late last night and decide to stop and get some sleep. I hover over the shutdown button and apparently Windows needs to update before shutting down.


I never leave my updates run unattended because that's just generally not a great idea. I don't do that for Linux and I certainly wouldn't for Windows. So what now? I can't tell Windows "do that stuff the next time I turn the machine on", it has to be done now. At 1 AM. Do I concede and install the update like Microsoft wants? No, I hold the power button for around 5 seconds and go to sleep at the risk of corrupting my file system. The update installs fine the next morning anyway when I turned the computer on.


Why is there so little control over Windows Update? On the Linux side of my PC, it's a sudo pacman -Syu and you're up to date with the latest in security fixes. It doesn't say "Your kernel has updated! You will restart in 15 minutes!" or "A new kernel is available! It will automatically install the next time you shut down!", the user is responsible for keeping their machine up to date and in exchange, the system doesn't get in their way. That is good unobtrusive design that encourages users to stay up to date rather than disabling updates all together.


Sorry, I just really needed to say this. I'm sure there's a policy somewhere that I can modify to change that behaviour, but I'm on Windows so infrequently that it isn't that big of a deal. It's just really annoying when it does...


(Hah... first post ever on this thing and it's a rant about something regarding Windows. Fitting.)

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I have it set so it updates when I want it to. 


I'd use linux, but I am too much of a gamer for that to work

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yes Microsoft annoys us all with windows i find myself wanting to hit my computer at times because of crap that "needs to be updated" so something that i wanted to quickly check or do turns into me having to wait for it to update, and installing, etc. why we cant do what we wanted to do then update is a mystery but we have to deal with it

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