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Becoming Twilight Sparkle ...






So, one of the reasons that Twilight and I are actually similar is this reliance on making lists. I started out with an excessively long BABSCon travel list to make a 4-5 day absence during Easter Weekend as easy on my wife and kids as possible. I hate the idea her being burdened just because I am going to be in Pony heaven for a few days. At the beginning I had 96 items. You read that right ... 96 items. As I checked a few things off new items would be added. Some would be eliminated as too complicated or unnecessary. Others I would complete only to change my mind later. A perfect example would be replacing a luggage set I lent to a family member who is now out of State. I did that, but recently decided to use a a pack light approach and carry an additional duffle bag for take home merch. As it stands ... my travel list is down to 17 items as I am typing this.

  • Seamstress measuring tape
  • Print travel docs
  • Print con receipt
  • Blog Today
  • Blog Tomorrow
  • Pack Bags
  • Check PED media
  • Check ... :confused:

wait ... what?






I haven't packed yet!







And with this ... I am now down to 16 items. GG me ... GG.

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I am now down to 16 items. GG me ... GG.

GG Jeric.

Rarity and Button's Mom will be proud of you.

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