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The internet is for easily offended people

Rainbow    Dash


AHA! Got you in my click bait, now I get to rant to you.


So I havent been active on here at all. Mostly using the private messenger and what not. The reason for that is busy. Though now that I think about it, its more about avoiding drama.


Pony websites are filled with people who take things too harshly. For example, I can say to someone who is looking for critique, 'Hey, this needs to be improved on'. They will in turn say, 'That was uncalled for, im reporting you.' On some pony sites its treated as the person getting butthurt over nothing.


SOME other pony websites warn you saying it provided 'nothing to the topic'. Sure, i understand; you have 12 year olds as mods who know bugger all about conversations or dealing with problems. That isnt my fault for when they warn, ban or kick me from things. In fact, its the websites problem for allowing such horrible mods to be in power.


"Oh, but so and so is friends with this mod which is why they're a mod." 'Ok', i say, 'but that just strengthens my point that the websites responsible for crappy mods'


I like how many mods of different pony websites forget that they are not free from the law no matter what country they are in. I know of a pony website where all the mods are real buddy buddy and when they dont like a person the ban them from the site with no grounds. Little do these mods realise that they themselves can get sued for misconduct and negligence.


Im venting here cause at least the mods are chill....Also, quick shout out to Artemis for not kicking me out of his hotel room last bronycon lol.


This is good chance to segway over to my next rant...


I was on this one pony site that had forum games. This new guy shows up and proclaims himself to be the toughest most bad*** person on the forums. Quite sad really...anyways, he got maybe two or three people to play along by saying he killed them. He then came after me on the thread which was cute in the beginning.


Then he PM'ed me saying "Ok, so i kill you and i'll say you put up a fight."


I cringed and laughed at the same time. Dude had a gas mask on and some roman quote trying to make himself out to be really hardcore.


I told him to bugger off and that i wasnt gonna stroke his ego then he blew up at me like a cry baby.


Yes, im being harsh but the dude was harassing me and where i come from we dont go looking for someone to help deal with minor nuisances.

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I'm sorry you feel that way 3: I haven't seen this to a terribly strong degree, not on mlp forums at least. Just stay out of the debate pit to avoid controversy :P


EDIT: nvm haha ... I hadn't read the entire thing

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Never  forget, the internet is always serious business for some people.

I will never understand this. I can understand this if we were talking about youtubers like Markiplier, but for regular people its like...its just the internet people.

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