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Possibly leaving

Lady Diana


I might leave soon because I do not feel like I fit in. I'm just a mean person. I feel like leaving because I got jealous of my cousin. Well, I was lying that I was not jealous but I really was. The truth is, I told her to put the
"RARITYRARITYRARITYRARITY...." thing. My cousin is greater, kinder, and more caring than me, and I feel sorry for that. She was never jealous of me. That's why I think you should friend her, and not me. I shoukd leave because of my jealousy. Its all my fault. That's why I should leave. I'm just the bad pony everyone hates. So I might leave, or I might stay.
-Queen Rosa (love-pony)
P.S I might leave too because I don't think I really like it here anymore. I'm a big letdown.

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You're being way too hard on yourself. I've never once seen you do anything mean here, and even if you have, so what? Almost everyone has. I know I have. Of course it's important to try to be kind to people and to treat people right and fairly but everyone makes mistakes. It's just part of being human.


I don't think anyone thinks you're a let down. You're being harder on yourself than anyone else is. You should love and forgive yourself, learn from your mistakes instead of beating yourself up over them.

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We all don't think you're a bad pony at all. However, jealousy can be a negative thing and we don't want everypony to lose against depression.


You can always ask your cousin to learn how to be a bit more respectful to others around here like that time Gilda became friends with Rainbow Dash again. I Pinkie Promise, it won't hurt you at all if you just ask your cousin about this. She'll give you a helping hoof anytime, anywhere.

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