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Personal Phoenix Wright Favorites

The title explains it all, these are my personal favorites of many things in the Phoenix Wright series!
Favorite Music (seperated into different categories)

Favorite Trial Theme:

Favorite Objection! Theme:

Favorite Testimony Theme:

Favorite Pursuit Theme:

Favorite Pursuit Variation Theme:

Favorite Tell the Truth Theme:

Favorfite Suspense Theme:

Favorite Game:
Dual Destinies
Favorite Item-Based Mechanic (Apollo's bracelet, Phoenix's magatama, etc.)
The Psyche-Locks
Favorite Character:
Apollo Justice (AA5)

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I thought Caught was my favorite Pursuit theme, too. Until I heard Wanting to Find the Truth.


Favorite Music
Favorite Trial theme- Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Favorite Objection theme- Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Favorite Testimony theme- Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Confrontation (Moderate)
Favorite Tell the Truth theme- Announce the Truth 2002
Favorite Detention Center theme- Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations Elegy of the Captured
Favorite Character theme- It's Detective Gumshoe
Favorite Pursuit theme- Wanting to Find the Truth
Favorite Reminiscence theme- The Bitter Taste of Truth
Favorite Place theme- Drew Studio
Favorite Suspense theme- Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Favorite Ringtone- I can't choose between Phoenix's,Godot's,and Klavier's.
Favorite Game
Favorite Cases
Ace Attorney-Turnabout Samurai

Ace Attorney-Turnabout Goodbyes

Ace Attorney-Rise From the Ashes

Trials and Tribulations-Recipe For Turnabout

Trials and Tribulations-Bridge to the Turnabout

Apollo Justice-Turnabout Trump

Apollo Justice-Turnabout Corner

Apollo Justice-Turnabout Serenade

Apollo Justice-Turnabout Succession

Ace Attorney Investigations-Turnabout Airlines

Ace Attorney Investigations-The Kidnapped Turnabout

Ace Attorney Investigations-Turnabout Ablaze

Ace Attorney Investigations 2-The Imprisoned Turnabout

Ace Attorney Investigations 2-The Inherited Turnabout

Ace Attorney Investigations 2-The Forgotten Turnabout

Ace Attorney Investigations 2-The Grand Turnabout


Favorite Characters





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