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Drama Queens and Bad Luck

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I have had a stroke of bad luck today. Well, more than a single stroke. First of all, school was going fine until third period, and SOMEONE stole my pencil. I only had one pencil that wasn't a drawing pencil, and I'm very particular about which pencils I use. That someone who stole my pencil steals at least one pencil from someone in my group every day. I'm sorta surprised he hadn't gotten creamed by one of the teachers yet. Teachers these days... *sigh* So anyways, third period was math, and we had a long assignment, and of course I couldn't do anything without a pencil. The rest of school was meh, until after 7th period, art class.


For art class, we got let out early for 'Yearbook Day.' Since I 'didn't turn in' my library books, I couldn't get my yearbook yet. After school, I went to the library to see what they mean by 'missing books,' and of course there was a super long line. Waiting in it took forever, and I was really impatient because I had to catch the bus. Finally they found out that I turned my books in two months ago... So then I got my yearbook, and of course the buses just left. It isn't the first time I missed the bus, but I still had no idea what to do. I just decided to walk, which was obviously a very dumb idea, as I still had to walk a mile or so. Halfway there I realized I hadn't turned in my $20 donation. Searching around, I can't find it so I believe I lost it. But then it just appears, somewhere really random. Of course I have to walk back to the school (half a mile...) O.o When I try to turn in my money, the teacher is busy with an afterschool club and I'm not going to be rude and barge in. I had to leave, and of course the main office is closed too... Eventually I do manage to send in the donation... long story


Then of course I had to deal with a very annoying drama queen who's also a huge crybaby. It all started when I asked her a simple question that I asked my entire class- would you rather buy fancy homemade wrapped soap bars for $2, $2.50, or $3 US Dollars? This was a question I needed to find out others opinion on... Me and someone else are selling them to raise money for charity and we are trying to figure out how much to price them.


Here's a question for all of you- Would you rather buy fancy homemade wrapped soap bars for $2, $2.50, or $3 US Dollars?


Please comment your answer down below! I need to know by June 7th

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IDK... $2 or $2.50...

Thx for responding. I still need more answers though...

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Wow, that sounds awful! I'd say $2.50 maybe.

I know, right? I think $2.50 is the most logical... but I'm almost out of quarters for change...

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