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Taking a small break

Pinkie D Pie



Alright guys, never thought I would be making a message like this.


Anyways, due to some reasons I might say below, I have decided to take a small break from this fourm. I will not be leaving permanently, just taking a break.


The reasons I am taking this break is simply to try to fix up my life some. I have let the fourms sorta become the one thing in my life I look forward to, and my grades show it. (I'm looking at you 55 in Word History Honours . I've also not done anything productive in weeks. I need to use the coming break for winter from school to catch up on any work I am missing and to try to take a breath.


Anyways, I will not be giving up ponies( I love them to much), I'll still be watching the new episodes and all that, maybe even take the time to work on a fanfiction I have started.


Anyways, I will see all of you awesome people sometime either after Christmas (If we make it that long, I mean what if we all die on the 21st and people's spirits and ghost's tell everyone I told you so) or the New Year.


Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I will miss all of you people and will see you all soon.


Goodbye for now!

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