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So who here has tried out the Playstation Now on PC?



So recently, I decided to give the Playstation Now a try through the 7 day free period. I had a great online provider(Cox), and I had a Logitech F310 controller.


They both worked well and I was able to enjoy playing one game: Katamari Forever. Damn, that game is addictive.


But I dunno if I want to put down the $20 a month for the service, mainly because I'll end up forgetting about it. What PS3 exclusive on the PSNow would you recommend that I try out?


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Specs mean nothing.  You have to have a good internet connection.  5Mbps is the minimum requirement.  10Mbps is recommended.  I have at least 50Mbps with my internet.


I have yet to try out the Uncharted games.  I'm already enjoying Katamari Forever.

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I'm glad you had luck on the PC with PlayStation Now... I paid forty-something for my subscription to play the games on my PS4, only to have had it run out without ever being able to play a single game because the internet connection supposedly wasn't good enough even though it easily passed the initial test. :/ That really sucked... lol.

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