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It's not about "Bear Necessities vs. Hakuna Matata." It's about "what economic system do you live under?"

Mesme Rize




I always get the question by other big disney fans, who always ask me "what is the better motto for life: Bear Necessities or Hakuna Matata?" I think people go at it the wrong way, because here is what i always answer:

"it depends on what economic system your are living under. With communism, all you need is the bare necessities, because that's what you are getting from the goverment. But Hakuna Matata, you will always run into alot of hardship under capitalism, because you might not make alot of money, so it's like whatever, no worries."


So yeah, that is that. Just looking too much into the messages of movies from my childhood again. :P





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Reminds me when I overthought Starlight's christmas episode in socioeconomics style lol. Capitalism is better, and so are holidays because normally [without holidays] it'd (cold snowy winter) drive away economic circulation which is bad long-term.


But then someone told me well, they need good economics, or they won't get people to snow n salt the roads. Well, idk about that lol. People could just use snowmobiles.

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