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My Christmas Wishes

Nightfall Gloam


(inspired by a post by @WiiGuy2014 and another post by @Naturelicious Tune, I decided to do it in blog form because I have lots to say, and on Christmas day in my country because it felt like it would make more sense)

Hello, everyone!

My Christmas wishes are:

  • To see my lady one last time before the New Year

This month kinda has a lot of significance in my relationship with this girl, as we met on New Year Eve last year. In light of recent events that happened in her country, the Philippines, I am admittedly very worried for her right now, and I really do hope that she is safe and that we meet again, and sort everything out before this year ends. I know, it is hard to tell how I feel through plain text, but, I love her so much, and I feel like much of my life has changed because of her, and I really want to know that her, and her family are doing alright... It would make my day if she had come back to me!

  • To try to become more social

Even though I've made some progress, I still feel like I haven't done a lot to really show to my friends, family and even my girlfriend that I really do care for them, and that's something that I feel like I should really change. For some reason, I almost never talk about any issues I have with them (likely out of fear of getting into arguments over disagreements), and I'm still mostly huddled up in my room, on my computer for most of the day...

  • To have one last year with my cat at the very least

Since my cat is already really old and weak, I would really like to have one last year with her, as my cat has pretty much always been there for me when I've needed it, and even when she wasn't, she was at least a great companion to have, and after she inevitably dies, I don't think we'll be able to get another pet cat until I move out...

  • Begin work on my hobbies relating to animation and film making

Even while I have started working on my hobbies this year, due to being hit with some serious depression throughout parts of the year, and a lot of other distractions, I just haven't felt nearly as much passion to do really anything like this. It is a bit discouraging with the way YouTube currently is as well, but, it is the best I've got.

  • Explore music further

Thanks to meeting the girl I love, I have started listening to more music more often now, and I do happen to really enjoy it, and because of this, I do want to try to expand my tastes a little more and try to listen to more music outside of the genres I usually listen to (pop, electronic and some rock if you were wondering). If you have any recommendations, feel free to comment, I'll pretty much listen to anything!

  • See the world (or at least, some of it since that's more realistic with my family's budget currently)

I'm really not sure what the chances are of this, but, there are a lot of countries I'd love to visit, including the Philippines (for obvious reasons), and I do really want to see Australia and the rest of the world, beyond my own room. I think it will be a great way to spend time with my family and I'm sure I'll enjoy lots of it...

  • Season 8 of MLP (it's a bit obvious, but y'know)

I have become a bit more of a casual fan since the movie (I expect a load of comments going Normie? REEEEEEEEEEEE), but, I still really enjoy this show and its community a lot, and the ponies have never ceased to entertain me and sometimes surprise me. It is also great that MLP has managed to go on for 7 seasons now, and still somehow been such a good show, and based on what little I know of season 8, it should be a lot of fun! I don't think I'll have the time to watch any Gen 5, so I really want these last few years of MLP G4 to be good ones!

I was going to do 12, but, I couldn't think of any more than what is posted here. Besides, I just said a lot about each wish, I think that makes up for it XD.

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We already talked about your relationship... hope everything will be well with her.

I’m so sorry about your cat! If she dies I’ll probably be really upset, since you told me about her. Last year my cat died..... I was very upset since she was also pregnant :( the kitten didn’t make it since she was out of our house (she liked to explore) after she didn’t show up for a week, I was worried since she never stayed outthis long, I went looking for her before my sister or parents did, I found her a few houses away from us behind a tree :( i had no idea how she died.... her kitten was not able to be born either...I was depressed and thrown into grief.... I never really liked telling anybody about this, since all thememories would come floodingback. I still remember her to this day and feel sad whenever I think abouther, and shed some tears. 

Told you this to tell you thatif she does pass away, you won’t be going through it alone. 

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