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Thoughts on 2017

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~Angel Dust~


Sorry, @Adam Burt for completely stealing this idea from you.


I'll start with the few positives.



  • My experiences with Paladins in general.  It was actually a really good game until Hi-Rez killed it by making change after change that was unnecessary and backwards, through caving into the wants of their upper management. I played this game for months, and actually became one of the Top 100 Barik players (Based on KDA and Win Rate) in the world in that small span of time that I borderline one-tricked him.  The game had quite a few sour moments with me, but for the most part it was actually positive.
  • Introductions to Steven Universe, Star VS the Forces of Evil, and We Bare Bears. All of them are among my favorite cartoons of all time, all for their own reasons. Probably the best of the year. All three series in my opinion are very solid (though from what I've watched SvFE's 3rd season isn't looking too good...).
  • My marathon of Star Trek. I already had an admiration for the franchise before I really got into it around the beginning of last year,  but it was heightened. Quite frankly, most of the franchise is pretty solid with a few hiccups (including the entirety of Deep Space Nine... Luckily I only watched the "best" of that series)...
  • I became a lot less naive about politics, and began to realize how despicable 99% of politicians really are. I realized how bad mainstream politics really is. I even found political voices of reason... on YOUTUBE of all places.
  • Some actually good LoL changes for once (aside from Zoe, Ornn, Kleptomancy keystone)...



  • The rapid deterioration of my computer's condition. It really got beat up this year. It's so bad in fact I'm actually using my dad's computer instead. Before the beginning of this year, it ran so smoothly... Now it's basically potentially salvageable junk. 
  • Politics as usual, but even worse. Removing my ignorance came at a cost, I know. I realized how bad the political system of the United States has gotten over the past 50 years, but 2017 was worse than average. We have an incompetent man child with tiny hands in the White House (to be fair, Hillary would be no better), Net Neutrality is going away (even though only 9% of Americans actually AGREE with that, and I bet I know who they are), and not to mention the absolute absurdity of the Democratic Party's "resistance" (yeah right, it's not a resistance, you're literally voting FOR what he proposes most of the time...). Doesn't help with all of the mass shootings this year, bombings on innocent civilians, the worst military leak in US history...
  • Losing my old account on here because of sheer laziness.
  • The basically zero progress I made towards getting anywhere with my life.
  • I've had to put up with so much s**t last year, it'd be enough for an entire DECADE. Seriously, I got attacked by an ENTIRE subreddit, a forum account (and my IP address also) perma-banned by an fascist Brazilian mod for literally no reason aside from the fact he didn't like what I had to say about things involving Paladins and his method of moderating,  and having moronic teammates who I could swear were 2-year olds in half of my Paladins and League of Legends matches, the insane number of special snowflakes that suddenly presented themselves... That's just about the worst of it, but I could probably sit for days listing all of the stupidity I've had to endure even like that.
  • Tried to commit suicide twice, because my situation got more hopeless by the month it seems like.
  • RIP Big Ben. See you again in 4 years. Though it was a  pretty nice meme for a little bit.
  • Dealing with more of my Dad's inane drama than usual. To be quite frank I wish I didn't live here now.
  • All of the special snowflakes


In other words, it was, overall, a bad year for me. In fact, the worst I've ever had.


  • Brohoof 2
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6 hours ago, Vulcan said:

Also Urgot rework made its debut

Wasn't really playing League at the time though. Bad support player p*$$ed me off so much I stopped playing. But the rework in general is probably the best they've ever done.

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