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S8 E3: The Maud Couple

Rhythm Red


Hello, fillies and gentlecolts and welcome back to RHYTHM RED’S RADTASTICAL REVIEWS! :love:

Today, we’re gonna have a quick look at the newest episode of pony, ‘The Maud Couple’! 

LET’S GO! ;) 


So first off, I must say that I was particularly excited for this episode. Maud Pie is one of my favorite secondary characters, and she never fails to make me laugh. (Though that crowd at the beginning didn’t find her too funny :()

Aaaaaanyway, I like Maud. And her getting a BOYFRIEND?! That’s gotta be good, right? I mean, who in Equestria would be the perfect match for such a unique pony? HILARITY should ensue, right? 

The first part of the episode was basically a big game of unintentional hide and seek, which is CLASSIC Pinkie. But instead of finding Maud, she found a strange stick-loving pony that she immediately took a disliking to! I think she may have been a little too quick to judge him, personally. And she acted a little out of character, too. Shoving him out the door? That isn’t classic Pinkie. But beside that, I think the encounter did a good job of introducing our new character.

That entire re-introduction conversation was hilarious! (Stick abuse?! Come on, that’s funny!) 

Toward the end of the episode, Pinkie goes to the rock farm, and gets some solid padvice from Limestone Pie. That geode metaphor was perfect! And it’s always good to see more of the other Pie sisters as well, even though they were only in the episode for a couple of minutes. 

And Limestone. Holy cow. We saw a side of Limestone that we haven’t really seen before and I sincerely hope we get to see more of it. Wow.

After getting that advice, Pinkie goes back to Ponyville and helps Mud Briar plan a special party for Maud that he knows she would enjoy. Maud enjoyed the party (and by enjoyed, I mean watched from far away :P), and Pinkie and Mud Briar began to accept each other. I think that’s a pretty good ending, personally.


But, of course, there are negatives!

- Though the episode had some moments that were definitely really funny, overall, it wasn’t as entertaining as I was hoping. I don’t know exactly why. I guess I was just expecting more.

- Mud Briar really isn’t that interesting of a character.

“But Rhythm, he’s supposed to be the same as Maud, what are you talking about?”

Well, you see, Mud Briar is missing two crucial things that makes Maud such a likable character. A unique sense of humor, and a caring personality. I think there’s a LOT of potential for Mud Briar. He had a couple funny lines in there. I just feel like they could’ve done more with him.


Anyway, good episode overall! I give this one a 7.5/10!

l thought it was pretty good, but it just didn’t pack the amount of comedy that I expected from an episode with Maud and Pinkie in it. 

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next week for another RHYTHM RED’S RADTASTICAL REVIEWS!!! ;) 

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It may not have been one of my favorites but I still loved it. :D I like having a primarily comedic episode once in a while and this was season 8's example of that. In some parts, it felt a little like a rehash of "Secrets and Pies" but that didn't bother me much (though I found that episode slightly better than this one). I especially liked that we saw a new aspect of Limestone, and I thought Maud's self-deprecating jokes were pretty funny. I liked Derpy's appearance too. :muffins: A 9/10 episode for me, though I'm quite easily impressed when it comes to ponies. ;)

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I didn't love love the episode, but I liked it. I especially loved the Pie Sisters part the most in the entire episode, I found it adorable. :P But I found the "technically..." joke got old the third/fourth time it was said, and Pinkie was also a bit out of character, so I would rate the whole episode a 7/10 as well. Not a favourite of mine, but I still liked it. :) 

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"Technically," I'm stumped on what I think of this episode.




P.S.: Yes, it's a question mark made of sticks.

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@Tacodidra Yes, Limestone was the best part of the episode in my opinion. I really hope we see that side of her more often! :D 

@Wannabrony Agree completely. It wasn’t a bad episode by any means, but I think it could’ve been a lot better. I guess I’m just a teeny tiny bit disappointed, but I think it was pretty good overall. :) 

@A.V. “stumped”, heheh. :P I kinda am too, but a few of the jokes, along with the Pie sisters (especially Limestone) made the episode a lot better. ;) 

I think I’m gonna change my review to a 7.5 instead of 7, actually. ;) 

And sorry this is so late! :adorkable:

Edited by Rhythm Red
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